Know Why Wine Tasting Is So Fascinating

What is the wine tasting?

Many people think wine tasting is the same as drinking wine, but it is not the case. Tasting a glass of wine is a lot different from simply drinking it. To taste a glass of wine, there is a particular way to do it, and you should master it if you want to enjoy the wine tasting process. It is more like a formal event at some places where people taste the wine’s quality out of many available there and judge which one is the best. In such events, you should not casually drink the wine but taste it professionally.

Steps of wine tasting
The wine tasting is more like art with certain steps that one should follow while tasting it professionally. This is a method of five S’s.

1. See the wine: The first step is to look at the wine and see if it is red and the color is very deep. Also, it should be very clear.
2. Swirl the wine: Then, you have to swirl the wine in the glass to release its fragrance or bouquet.
3. Smell the wine: After that, you should smell to get the fragrance of the wine.
4. Sip the wine: Once you have smelled it, you can sip it and let it be on the top of your tongue so that it can get the air through it.
5. Swallow the wine: Finally, you have to tilt your head a little and swallow the wine down your throat.
Getting drunk on wine tasting

The wine tasting is not an event to get drunk while tasting the wine. It is normal to feel a little drunk while tasting different wines, but you should not drink so much that you cannot enjoy the event any further. So, always be careful about that so that you do not feel embarrassed later on.